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The design of your website should be unique to your business and personality.  We tailor to suit your needs and visions.  A good website has great graphics and the layout and design is easy to navigate and understand.  Your website should convey an emotion, and users should feel comfortable using your website.   The navigation, set up and the placement of the graphics, if done right, will encourage the user to continue moving through your site.  If the site is attractive in it's design it will stay in the users memory and will be something they will want to return to.  Organization and thinking out the process is key in creating a good site. 

The design of a website can be the deciding factor on whether the user will come back or suggest it to a friend.  There are many other elements to a website that are just as important.  One of these elements is the text, or copy, you place on your pages.  You have to think about your business  as if you were the client.  What would make you want to book in this particular hotel, or purchase that product?  Why should they stay at your resort?  What makes you better or more attractive in the clients mind than your competition.  Focusing on your companies assets is the most important aspect of developing a successful website. 

Think of all the questions you have answered about your resort, hotel, product or services in the past.  All of those questions should be answered on your website.  The client should have all the information necessary to feel comfortable with their decision. They need to feel like they are making the best choice for their money and your design combined with good text can play an important role in this process. 

The best place to start the planning process is to get out on the Internet and look at others sites.  The best sites to look at may be in your field of business, but also look at other companies and products websites that have nothing to do with your product or service.  Look at how they have laid out there site and make a list of what you like and dislike.  Do you like the drop down navigation or do you prefer the left side bar navigation?  What colors struck you as inviting or what text made you think twice about the product or service that was being offered?  Gathering a general idea of what you like is a great first step to building your own. 

Once we get these general ideas our designer will create a unique website design that is suited to your needs.  No other site will be like yours...you will be able to call it your own. 

Our design and production team will work with you through every step of the process.  You will truly see your idea turn into reality right before your eyes. 

Midwest Captions, Inc. is capable of  fulfilling all your website needs.  We have all the tools and staff necessary to get the job done.  Visit our Development page for more detail on all the services we provide and our packages.

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