For our clients who would like a easy way to get their business noticed on the web, we offer a Small Business Option.  This is created out of pre-designed website pages.  You will see that once your site is finished it will be unique in design.  The color, text, and graphics selections will all be of your choosing.

When you think of a template the words that might come to mind is “the same”. At Midwest Captions, Inc. the templates we have created are really not templates at all. They are the tools on which we use to customize your site. If you choose one of our Small Business Options, you will not get a run of the mill site. Your website will be unique in color, content and graphics. There are also design elements that we will be able to customize for you.

The Small Business Option is a solution for businesses that would like the design and functionality of a professional website without the large price tag.

We offer 2 packages in The Small Business Option that you can choose from and 4 templates to start the design process with.

You can begin to plan your website by choosing any one of the below Small Business Option Designs below and paring it with one of our Small Business Option Packages listed below.

Small Business Option Designs
Click on the images below for a larger view.

The Chickadee


The Blue Jay


The Cardinal


The Oriole


Small Business Option Packages

Small Business Package #1
     Select from one of the 4 Design options above
     $120/page – up to 4 pages
     Website domain off of
     $10 a month hosting (includes 1 forwarding email address)
     No set up charges
     Page Options
          o Contact Form
          o  Map quest Map

Small Business Package #2
     Select from one of the 4 Design options above
     $120/page – up to 4 pages
     $27/year - Domain Registration
          o Own domain name
          o We will purchase and manage the domain name for you
     $40 one-time server setup fee
     $25 a month hosting charge
          o Includes up to 4 forwarding email addresses
     Website statistics updated every night
     Page Options
          o Contact Form
          o Map quest Map

If you're interested in signing up today, just give us a call or drop us a note. We would be happy to meet with you.



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