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Accrisoft E-Membership Management

Accrisoft E‑Membership Management is a powerful web-based solution to help you efficiently manage and help grow your membership. Plus you can automate features such as online registration and lead generation promotions!

Accrisoft E‑Membership Management is available as a Business Solutions service, so you need not purchase, install, or maintain the application. You simply pay a low monthly subscription fee.

  • Streamline management of member information
    Accrisoft E‑Membership Management makes it easy to collect information about members and simplify customer relationship management to improve the way you serve, renew, and upgrade memberships.


  • Allow members to create a personalized account
    To simplify member management, members can log in to a special MyAccount page to update personal information such as address, credit card, email lists, and e‑commerce order history.


  • Make it easy to attract and enroll new members
    It’s easy to recruit new members and grow membership revenues. To enroll in your members-only programs, visitors simply complete a registration form to set up an account.


  • Offer members-only prices for events
    Selling tickets to an event? You can offer members special discounts while driving and tracking attendance for future event planning.


  • Send out targeted broadcast email communications
    With Accrisoft E‑Membership Management, you can send out customized email communications to special member groups, leveraging customer data to target programs, promotions, and offers based on personal preferences.


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