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Website Hosting: Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Balance control, flexibility, and affordability with a VPS. VPS technology, invented by Verio over 10 years ago, offers dedicated software on a shared server that features state-of-the-art, high-performance hardware. Managed updates and patches and triple backups deliver security you seek.

Benefits provided with Midwest Captions VPS hosting service include:

  • Local, On-Call Support for all Server Functions

    • Midwest Captions provides server support, just call our toll free number

  • Virtual Power: A fully isolated virtual server environment, plus increased power and performance.

    • up to 40 GB of disk space

    • no bandwidth fees

    • unlimited domain names

  • Reliability: All maintenance, backups and updates on our proven platforms and industry-leading operating systems--all backed by the security and power of NTT's global infrastructure.

    • FreeBSD 6 operating system

    • State-of-the-art, high-performance hardware

    • comprehensive backups

    • managed updates and security patches

    • server-side spam & virus filtering (Please note: Midwest Captions recommends that our clients additionally use their own personal virus protection software since viruses may be transferred by various means--they are not limited to email transmissions.)

  • Total Control: Fully customize your server configuration. Choose the best applications and services to suit your specific needs as your business evolves.

    • up to 200 firewall rules

    • SSL Secure Server Support

    • no limit POP email accounts

    • complete configuration files available through an easy-to-use control panel

    • access to thousands of stable, popular applications (such as PHP 5, MySQL 5, Java)

    • multimedia capabilities (Shockwave Flash, Podcasting, Wordpress Blog tool)

  • Extensive Website Statistic Reports: Website statistics may be accessed to help you analyze the traffic to your site, allowing you to determine if you are making quality-marketing decisions.

    • available online 24/7

    • updated daily

    • specific information, such as, types of keywords that were used to find your site and how many visitors were sent to your site from another website.


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