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Hosted Business Solutions: Advanced Spam & Virus Filtering
Katharion Filters


Protect your computer and files with Advanced Spam & Virus Filtering

Midwest Captions is a Katharion Partner, offering  email security to protect you against fast-moving viruses.



If your firm is starting to receive excessive amounts of spam, you may want to consider our new outsourced spam filtering system. The filtering solution we provide with your server fees is called Spamassassin. Spamassassin is quite effective; however the updates are released only several times per year.

As a Katharion Service Provider, Midwest Captions offers an outsourced solution through a company that specializes in spam and virus filtering. Katharion is recognized as a leading managed email security service and has engineers updating their filters every hour. Katharion’s anti-virus definitions are updated every five minutes. These frequent updates can protect an organization against fast-moving viruses that may not be caught with an internal anti-virus solution.

The service sends a Digest out each day that, in one Email, summarizes all of the spam and any viruses that have been caught in the previous 24 hours. The User can review this Email; and, if they find a message that should not have been trapped, they click on a link and it is immediately delivered to their Inbox. There is also a control panel available which allows users to review current email in the spam quarantine.

Many companies are using this type of service to better protect their computers. The additional cost for the new service is based on the number of users. Our clients that use this service have found it very effective for both spam and virus filtering. The time that users save is easily recouped.

Midwest Captions recommends that our clients additionally use their own personal virus protection software since viruses may be transferred by various means--they are not limited to email transmissions. That said, over 90% of viruses are transmitted through email. As viruses have become more prevalent and more damaging, organizations are increasingly adopting a layer of protection at their Internet gateway (as Katharion provides) as an additional defense.


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