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Website Hosting: Unix Servers

Shared hosting on our Unix servers is a great option for most businesses. The high bandwidth allows for user-friendly data transfer time. Plus, each account has dedicated space, which ensures your site will load quickly and consistently every time it's visited. All Unix hosting plans include:

  • Basic Support for all Server Functions

  • Extensive Website Statistic Reports: Available online 24/7, website statistics may be accessed to help you analyze the traffic to your site, allowing you to determine if you are making quality-marketing decisions. These files are updated daily and provide very specific information, such as, types of keywords that were used to find your site and how many visitors were sent to your site from another Website.

  • Mailbox Availability: Hosting fees include 4 private POP mail boxes. Additional POP accounts are available, and additional information is available upon request.

  • Webmail feature: Check your email anyplace there's an internet connection!

  • Spam and Virus Filtering: All email service also includes server-side spam and virus filtering; we do recommend that our clients additionally use their own personal virus protection software.

  • Supports Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, MySQL, Shopsite

  • Many available applications are supported on our Unix servers. Among them are WordPress Blogging Software, Photo Gallery, Web Calendar and more!


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